In silico trials with v-Patients by Virtonomy

End-to-end digital twin solution


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Create digital twins based on clinical data of thousands of humans & animals

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Perform data-driven in silico clinical trials to optimize your medical device design

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Gain valuable insights with a statistical population analysis and simulations

What are the main features of v-Patients?

v-patients virtual patient population measurements digital twin in silico trials

Virtual Patients Base Product

Create your own virtual patient population using our extensive database of humans and animals. Detailed criteria allow for a proper selection of the target population based on anatomical variation, demographic diversity and pathological conditions. Virtual anatomy studies, static fitting of the implant and interactive measurements can be performed using our web-based 3D viewer.

Evaluate the design changes in the virtual room together with your colleagues, clinical advisors or external engineers with our multi-user environment using your computer, tablet or virtual reality headset. 

Main features:

  • Virtual patient cohort creation
  • Virtual implantations and interactive analysis   
  • Anatomy studies of 3D models
  • Collaborative analysis
virtual patients digital twins statistics population analysis population coverage

Statistical Analysis

Your virtual patient cohort is linked to a statistical population analysis, forming a library of body variations  to allow you evaluate the proper target sub-population cohort, define inclusion/exclusion criteria, assess worst-case scenarios and more. Determine the ideal fit of your device and how to adjust your design to treat the maximum number of patients.

Also create average models of certain groups of your population cohort using our Statistical Shape Model (SSM) approach. Create synthetic cohorts based on statistical models and use them with other v-Patients modules. Using this module will increase evaluation confidence by recruiting patients for your in silico trials who specifically match your target group. 

Main features:

  • Statistical population analysis
  • Statistical shape models
v-patients simulation simulated in silico clinical trials

Simulation & Optimization

Simulate your implant or product family in the entire virtual target population to investigate how these body variations may affect the performance and safety of your device. In addition, identify the potential for design optimization and material selection by conducting parameter analyses.

We offer a device and use case tailored customized simulation environment based on your use case and product phase.  Get access to an easy to use, intuitive solution where no expert simulation knowledge is needed.

Main features:

  • Simulated virtual implantation
  • Data-driven optimization
  • Device and use-case tailored environment for in silico trials
digital twins virtual patients digital evidence in silico trials

Design History & Regulatory Approval

Compared to conventional in vivo and in vitro testing, in silico trials of implants are more time and cost efficient. We provide digital evidence of your anatomy, statistical and simulation results to support your technical documentation with FDA-compliant reporting (FDA 1807 & ASME V&V40).​

This significantly shortens development cycles and the pre-clinical testing efforts for technical documentation.

Main features:

  • Regulatory-compliant reports
  • Tracking of device design changes


We develop our digital twins from real imaging data.

We are constantly expanding our database of imaging scans and 3D anatomical models of both humans and animals.

Our library consists at the moment of mostly cardiac models, but we are expanding to orthopaedics as well.

Choose different parameters to create your digital twin:


  • Heart failure
  • Tricuspid valve insufficiency
  • Aortic stenosis
  • Mitral valve insufficiency
  • and more…

Location or ethnicity:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • Asia
  • and more…

Age group:

  • Pediatric patients
  • Adult patients
  • Geriatric patients

Animal breeds:

  • Sheep (Milksheep, Île-de-France, Swifter)
  • Pig (Domestic, LeWe-Minipig)
  • Calf (Jersey)
  • and more…
davide montegale photo

The data and the analysis that Virtonomy has provided during our partnership are key tools for strengthening and expanding our knowledge basis of the anatomical boundary conditions.

Davide Mogentale, R&D Manager ​
Medira GmbH

v-Patients: From clinical data to digital evidence

Exemplary use case of a transcatheter valve replacement

v-Patients Base

Analyse the right heart and transfemoral access
route for the implantation of a transcatheter valve

Automatic pipeline from data to model using in-house developed AI & Computer Vision

transfemoral access for the implantation of transcathether valve

v-Patients Statistics

Perform statistical analysis of 50+ right heart patients to define inclusion/exclusion and sizing criteria, assess worst case scenarios, and more

Huge database in the cardiovascular field allows us to perform high diversity analysis

graphs showing statistical population analysis of virtual patient cohort target patient population

v-Patients Simulation

Perform solid, fluid and electrophysiology
simulations to predict device-tissue-blood

Developing the most advanced browser-based simulation framework for healthcare applications

image of simulated fluid dynamics device-blood-tissue interaction

v-Patients Reg. Reporting

Create regulatory-compliant digital evidence
of your results to support your technical

Automatic regulators-compliant report revolutionizing the regulatory submission process​

regulatory report v-patients as digital evidence for in silico trials

Also available in VR for an immersive experience!

Use the virtual reality mode and view anatomy and different anatomical measurements, investigate device fit through a virtual device implantation and perform simulations.

VR mode VR digital twins virtual reality virtual patients person using VR headset oculus quest
oliver chu scandinavian real heart

Virtual implantation brings enormous benefits to speeding up product development in a data driven manner and complementing the animal studies. Now VR technology just takes this to the next new level, and it is exciting to develop an artificial organ in the metaverse!

Oliver Chu, Principal Engineer ​
Scandinavian RealHeart

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